Welcome to Bloozz Resort Bonaire

Bloozz resort Bonaire

Bloozz resort Bonaire is situated infront of an aqua-playground bathed in brilliant watercolour huesa. With the Bachelor Beach laying infront, you are able to revel in nature's beauty by swimming, snorkelling and diving on one of the most magical spots on the island. 

At our resort you can choose your setting. We have studios, apartments and penthouses spread over 3 buildings. Building 1 and 2 are located at the front by the pool and building 3 at the back.  At the resort we have a diving school, magna pool and pool bar/reception.

To make your stay even more pleasant, we have various facilities such as breakfast service and extra cleaning possibilities. If you want to visit with larger groups, you have the option of combining studios and/or apartments. If you wish to explore this option, please contact us.

The resort is virtually smoke-free. Smoking is not allowed in the flats and studios. However, we do have 2 places on the resort where smoking is allowed.

Magna swimming pool

The pool is 7.5 x 15 metres and perfect for your first diving lessons. There is a shallow and a deep section where you can try out your newly acquired skills. On the sunbeds around the pool you can relax and enjoy the delicious drinks and refreshments served at the adjacent pool bar.

In a Magnapool the water quality is controlled by magnesium. No chlorine is required. Magnesium is not only better for the environment but also much more enjoyable for swimmers. A Magnapool provides soft and healthy swimming water with minerals.


The benefits of magnesium:

Always clear pool water

Optimal water quality


Healing effect


Wifi is available throughout the resort. You will get a code that will be valid for the duration of your stay.

All studios, apartments and penthouses have flat screen TVs, on which guests can stream content from their own devices, including Netflix, missed broadcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Tuneln Rdio, NPO, RTL XL, FOX Sport, Videoland and many others.

Direct flights

From the Netherlands, KLM and Tui fly to Bonaire daily. In the US flights depart from Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Newark and Toronto. Flights between Bonaire, Curaçao and Aruba are also available.


Culinary Bonaire

You are most welcome at the pool bar to try our lunches/snacks, while there is also a wide range of nice and cosy restaurants on Bonaire serving from fish and meat to vegan. From top restaurants to local street food, from cocktails to home-brewed beer, there is something for all foodies.

Water sports in, on and under the water of Bonaire

Bonaire offers lots of opportunities for fun water sports in a beautiful (underwater) flora and fauna setting. Discover the fun and excitement of big wave surfing, snorkelling, diving, kitesurfing and windsurfing. A stable wind direction, 300 days a year of wind, beautiful fish, colourful corals, azure blue sea and beautiful beaches. Bonaire is still a ‘hidden gem’ for water sports enthusiasts. Our resort is the place to be for all your snorkeling and diving needs Lessons and test dives can be provided. You can even take your first dip in the sea just in front of our resort.

The culture of Bonaire

Over 80% of the population of Bonaire is Roman Catholic. With the arrival of the Spaniards,  The Roman Catholic faith also arrived in Bonaire. Almost all indigenous people were soon converted to Catholicism. The on the island coming from the South American mainland had already come into contact with the Roman Catholic faith there. The Dutch who came to the island later were almost all Protestant. However, they hardly interfered with the local populations. Missionary work was left to the missionaries. There is also a small number of Muslims and small Jewish communities.

Religion is important to the islanders on Bonaire, they take their religion seriously. Every Sunday, the religous islanders go to church and the Christian holidays are celebrated extensively. Bonaire's culture is similar to that of other Caribbean islands. Caribbean, West European, West African, Latin American and North American influences are fused.